Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet Naomi

This is the video that my husband and I put together for Naomi's funeral service.  It would not have been possible to capture so much of Naomi's life if not for generous photographers and friends.  Thank you all so much.

Yesterday was the six week mark since Naomi's birth, and while that's not an "anniversary" it is usually a milestone mark in the life of a newborn.  Despite my delay in posting the video, I really do want many people far and wide to see it.  I did not wait because I was embarrassed or hiding her.  I just wanted to be 100% sure about sharing it because it's such a deeply personal thing to share.  I needed to be ready for both the attention and any possible negative reactions.  I'm a little nervous that I've lost the momentum that would have been there if I'd posted it immediately following Naomi's birth, when there was still a large and captive audience.  If you shared my blog during that time, please do it again so the same people who prayed for me then will see this now, and see where their prayers were heading.  And if you comment here on the blog instead of on Facebook, I will be able to look back and reread your messages of love and support anytime I want to in the future (although sometimes I have trouble figuring out who a comment came from if they only sign in with their common first name).

Yes, it's long (17 minutes) and the beginning might feel a little slow with lots of maternity photos, but it gets better after that. :)  For the squeamish among you, there are no graphic birth photos or any of Naomi without a hat on.  Her face is very dark, which is typical of babies with her condition.  Most importantly, she is beautiful.

Here she is...