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Monday, May 27, 2013

3 months

I had originally intended to post on every month-a-versary, but missed that already at the 2 month mark...  I had a conference that day so excused myself.  I am actually a little shocked it's been a whole month since then, as I was very busy leading up to the conference and my downtime since then has gone by with a blink.  Time still passes with an inconsistent beat.  December through February felt like it was about a year long and the time since feels more like one month.  I'm still pumping and that takes up 3-4 hours a day, spent entirely in front of my computer (or the occasional car ride).  This should feel like a lot of time yet I still have almost a dozen unread Facebook messages to look at.

The spring weather has been lovely and made visiting Naomi's grave easier.  When we go there or sometimes when we drive by other cemeteries, my 6yo will call it "heaven."  Sometimes I correct her and tell her it's a cemetery, and other times I don't.

This is from April 16th when I put the grave decorations around it.  I put them in the corners to help me know exactly where she is once the grass came in.
I snapped this picture quickly on May 18th when all the flowers were in bloom.
I hoped to get a better shot of the above when we went back today, but most of the blooms were gone.  However you can see how nicely the grass is growing in now.
Now that the weather is nice, my husband and I can start walking cemeteries to get ideas of what kind of headstone we want to get.  I don't want to put it off long because I could see it becoming something that gets delayed for years otherwise.


  1. Beautiful, Sarah, like always. Love you, Mom and Greg.

  2. I admire your walk. Such a brave choice. Our culture convinces people that all sadness and difficulty must be avoided. You walked through and are still walking. My prayers are with you.

  3. I see that my name comes up as mothetof8. Just so you know who I am my mame is Dori and I have known your Mom for a very long time.