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Friday, December 14, 2012

Another ultrasound (31 weeks)

After the 27 week ultrasound, the tech generously offered us to come back for free, any time we wanted to.  Ultrasounds are always special, but even more poignant when you know it might be the only time you ever get to see your baby alive.

I wasn't sure if we'd go back or not.  My mom and stepdad were coming up for a visit in December, and after a few weeks deliberating, I contacted the tech again to see if she could squeeze us in.  Living 8 hours away, we don't know how quickly they will be able to make it up here when I go into labor and give birth.  She was able to squeeze us in!  Dh could not come this time but I found going back a second time so soon, and knowing exactly what we would see, meant it was overall a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.  And wow, baby gave us lots of great shots!  She's got super chubby cheeks despite measuring small.  She even blew us a kiss. :)


  1. She is beautiful. Crying...and loving that you've allowed us to share in your pregnancy this way. Naomi Grace, we are all holding you in our hearts. Sarah, thank you for letting us be a part of her life. You are both so often in my thoughts.

  2. That is the most precious thing I have ever seen; I feel so honored that you shared this video. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, and your beautiful baby girl has touched a LOT of hearts!

  3. Sarah, how beautifully you have described this incredible time we had together! What an honor it was to be there and spend some precious time with Naomi Grace. Mom

  4. So Beautiful!!! So glad you are able to have the 4D sonos and that you captured this amazing moment with your daughter. Reminds me so much of Karinne. Also glad to see that Karinne's site was helpful to you in the "what is acrania" tab. That is so precious to this mama's heart to know her life and story has helped others!!

    1. Yes, your website was so very helpful to us after the diagnosis! I found it and then at least a few other people found it and sent me a link as well. Thank you for sharing Karinne with us. :)