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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Choosing a name

We did not know the gender of our first baby before the birth.  (We tried, she was too modest!)  We easily decided on a boy's name and not a girl's name, and eventually settled on just waiting until after baby was here to make anything official (since it really wouldn't be official until then anyway).  With our second, we did know he would be a boy, but still had two names in a toss up until the final weeks.  We did not share it until after he was born.

I knew I wanted to do it differently this time.  With what little time she will be with us, and all the other emotional craziness that will be surrounding her birth, the last thing I wanted was to be stressing out over choosing a name.  Daddy chose big sister's name and I chose big brother's.  While I had some ideas, I decided that like her big sister I wanted this baby's name to truly come from daddy and not have it be him acquiescing to my wishes.

While waiting for him to come up with a name, I did get my heart set on one that he nixed.  Then he suggested a name that I nixed.  He then suggested a name that I thought I liked.  While my mom and stepdad were up here, we were able to go out on a date and I said that I liked the name and thought we should "finalize" it.  That name is Naomi.  It is Hebrew, a biblical character, and means beautiful, gentle.  He did not have a middle name at all and I suggested Grace, which he immediately agreed to.  I like the way the two names go together (along with our last name), and also as a testament of how God's grace has been shown to us throughout this pregnancy.


  1. Sarah, that is beautiful. Naomi is so lucky to have you as parents.

  2. Naomi Grace is a beautiful name! I'm so glad you are doing this blog, I've been thinking often of you.