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Saturday, February 23, 2013

40 weeks + 6 days + norovirus - blizzard

At this point in my previous pregnancies, my oldest was an hour old and my second baby was a week old.  So I'm officially pregnant longer than I've ever been pregnant before.  Because my second came so quickly (1.5 hour precipitous labor), my stepdad, mom, sister, and BIL all arrived a week ago from out of state.  While everyone knows it's easy to go past an estimated due date, acknowledging it and experiencing it are always two different things.  With my husband being home, five people have missed a week's worth of work waiting on Naomi.  Luckily all of the various employers are being accommodating of our situation.  My mom and stepdad are staying at a nearby hotel and my sister and BIL are staying with us.

Unfortunately, along with our guests came a nasty case of norovirus.  It hit my stepdad on Monday after which he stayed quarantined at the hotel.  Then my mom on Wednesday.  On Thursday at 3:30am, I abruptly woke up to my 2yo standing in my face with what I thought was snot all over his hands.  It wasn't snot.  On Friday, my 6yo's teacher said she thought dd wasn't feeling well as she had fallen asleep at a school assembly at the end of the day.  Later that evening, I walk by her in the living room and she tells me, "Mommy, go look in the bathroom but TAKE YOUR SOCKS OFF, ok?  Take your socks off.  I said take your socks off!"  (I guess I have a bit of a rep for being disgruntled when my socks get wet from water on the bathroom floor.)  The bug had hit her too and she hadn't made it to the toilet.  Later on while moaning and waiting for it to strike again, she turned to daddy and said, "I miss being myself."  My sister and I succumbed overnight, so dh and BIL are the last two standing.  Luckily the grandparents are all well enough now to take over caring for the kids.  The 2yo hit 24-hours without vomiting early this morning (and also slept 12 hours straight, unusual for him), and while the 6yo had much more frequent and intense episodes last night, has also been fine since then.  My sister and I have each spent most of the day in bed, but seem to be recovering well.  Other than the few times I have been in the bathroom, I haven't had other pain or nausea.  Just feeling very drained of energy.  My poor sister has been having "sympathy contractions" though, as she called it.  Her and BIL have retreated to the hotel room.

We are in NH and the weather reports had been calling for a blizzard this weekend.  Luckily the storm has declined and now we're just looking at some crummy roads and a few inches of snow.  Not great but nothing like the Nemo storm from two weekends ago.

I know lots of people are praying for us, and at least some would like to know specifically what to pray for.  So here you go.
  • that my husband does not catch this virus, and if he does that it pass quickly before Naomi comes (this goes for BIL too of course)
  • that I'm able to continue healing quickly, as this virus seems to like recurring for several days
  • that Naomi waits just a bit longer to make her appearance, due to the above
  • safe travel for everyone if we end up going in during this weekend's storm
My next appointment is on Tuesday.


  1. I will never forget that point in my pregnancy with Vannessa when I was officially pregnant the longest ever (I had Devinne and Morgann both at 38 weeks exactly). Having pre-term labor with my two before and being 4cm with both for weeks I thought for sure Vannessa would come earlier or at least at 38 weeks. Still I had no pain or dilation two days before she came at 38.5 weeks but thought I would be pregnant forever. Even when I went into labor with her I didn't think I really was because it was so different. Saw some blood in the middle of the night but no pain and being worried because of gestational diabetes called the hospital, arrived an hour later and was pushing 15 minutes after I got there. Even my sister said when she got to my house in the middle of the night I was putting on makeup and seemed fine and thought when James called two hours later we were calling to say we were on our way home not that we just had a 10lbs baby. Been thinking about you guys a lot and hope you have an easy labor like I did and hope everyone gets better. I'm just a phone call or text away.

  2. Oh, Sarah... how horrible! Praying specifically for all of your intentions. In fact, I just spent 21 minutes on a treadmill doing nothing but praying for you and suffering through my first workout in years, and offering up that suffering just for you. You are on my heart and mind constantly these days, and thank you very much for letting me know specifically what your prayer needs are. I hope you feel better ASAP!

  3. Sarah and Family,
    Prayers to Jesus for immediate and complete healing.
    Will offer Mass for your intentions tomorrow.
    In Christ,

  4. My thoughts and prayers have been and continue to be with you and your whole family Sarah. We will specifically pray for your imminent recovery and the exodus of the norovirus from your family!

  5. I was thinking a lot about you and your family last night. I really hope you are all feeling better and sweet little Naomi stays snug and warm for a few more days.

  6. From Christy -

    Well, from the Marylander's perspective, all the snow yesterday was totally a blizzard. So we could add that to the equation, as well as BIL, my poor sweet hubby! I *knew* we should've taken M&G's offer to stay another night at "quarantine hotel!" He came back to bed telling me "another one bites the dust." And also that you were pretty funny, how quickly you said, "I'm out!" and jumped out of the bathroom for him.
    The most amazing thing in all this is how the true strength of our family is so plain to us all. Some friends I've talked to have said, "OMGosh we would all be miserable, being together like that for so long!" But that is just *so* not the case with us. Everyday I thank God for my family, but these days I am overflowing with thanks! I believe the Lord has let Naomi wait so that we could all enjoy the extra time for us all to be together, and for us to have her with us. Christy

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