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Friday, February 1, 2013

A bit of overspending, and some gifts

Last week, I did something shocking.  Something I have never done before in my life.

I paid full price for new baby clothes from Gymboree.  While those who don't know me might not find this statement shocking, those who do will probably be picking their jaws up off the floor right now.

Here's what $104.70 got me:

Now in my defense, I do plan to return whichever outfit and jacket is not used, but I wanted to have both on hand just in case.  The left outfit is for under 5 pounds and the right one is for 5-9 pounds.  I'm guessing she will fit into the one on the right.  Her siblings were 10 pounds and 9lb4oz.  She definitely won't weigh as much as they did as so much weight is in the skull, but even if her body is similar in size, I think she will fit into a 5-9lb outfit.  Even with my big babies, newborns come out so scrunched up that they fit well in smaller clothes at first.  In general, anencephaly babies run small and I'm measuring a little small too (I usually measure large).  The strawberry cap is for up to 5 pounds, and then the other thing is just a little plush strawberry rattle (photo prop).

This week I decided that I should get a few more outfits too, and I went to Kohl's for Carter's outfits.  This time I spent a little more at $148.11, but got a lot more:

The top left outfit is a size 6mo.  I grabbed it anyway so I can remember it to look for a NB size, but looking at the Carter's website, it looks like they only manufactured it as small as 0-3mo.  Everything else is newborn size.  Also grabbed some cute socks and booties.  I'm not sure how well they match up to the non-footed outfits as my 2yo was running up and down aisles by that point and I had to go.  I still need to spend some time deciding which outfits are my favorites and which ones I would use first.  Again, I plan to return the ones that we don't use.  I can't decide about washing them first or not.  Usually I would wash baby clothes first, but I don't really know which ones we will use.  I obviously won't want to wash them after.  I know Kohl's will accept the items for return even if washed (so I could theoretically just wash it all and return what's unused), but I don't feel right doing that either.

I have also received some beautiful gifts in the last week or two.

The gown, hat, and booties on top are from a family friend, my Auntie Helen.  The blanket, hats, and CD on the left are from my mom's coworker Dorothy and her mom.  The white blanket on the right is a prayer shawl from women at my mother-in-law Sue's church.  And the u/s frame and pink heart are from my Aunt Debbie and Gram.  Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and beautiful gifts.


  1. Good for you, Sarah!!!! After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I thought "that's the best thing you could have done for yourself as well as Naomi!" You have so many beautiful things for her! Thanks for posting the pictures!!! Love you! Mom

  2. I love them! Is there anything so wonderful as baby girl clothes? Your gifts- simply amazing! Such awesome choices they all made.!

  3. I currently only have one hand free to type, so I'm improvising by saying: I second what Carol & Gnatmo said.

  4. If I could find words to speak or type, I would tell you what an awesome witness you are to His grace, and how your sweet, faithful obedience to His will takes my breath away. Have you considered continuing your blog? Processing this will probably never end, and I've found sudden, unexpected insight pops up in the most ordinary places. God is like that. People are learning by reading your heart, Sarah, and He has started something in you that could feed His sheep long after.

    Donna Ruschell

  5. Everything is so sweet and adorable! I love the strawberry outfit and the gifts are perfect!


  6. Oh, those are all just so darling! And the handmade gifts, especially the gown, just make my heart go pitter-patter!