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Monday, February 27, 2023

10 years

 Ten years feels significant and like I should have more to say than usual, but I don't.  It's February and feels like February.  I have been wrapped up in the day-to-day and didn't plan ahead.  The 7yo asked me if we were going to get "Harry Potter" cake, which I eventually deciphered to mean another cake from Potter's Bakery.  But they are closed Mondays.  We just got La Festa pizza two days ago.  I probably would have done something new and different, except the 7yo is also sick.  She has had an occasional deep cough the last couple days but otherwise seemed fine.  (Negative covid test this morning.)  I kept her home from school because of the cough slowly getting worse.  This afternoon it all caught up to her, and she crashed and slept for several hours.  Tomorrow is a remote school day due to an expected snowfall, so hopefully she is well enough to participate enough to not accrue another absence. ;)

Several people have reached out, both new ones and the regulars.  Thank you.  I don't feel like I need it per se, but you can really never have too much kindness in this world, right?

Looking at my photos from today, it's the usual smattering of plants and shopping and random screenshots.  And this... my sweet mom who hasn't been recognized nearly enough on this blog, considering she is the most eager reader of it.

She sent that to me this morning, wearing the fabric flower pin she wore at Naomi's funeral.

I think this may be the last birthday post I do, but I'm hesitant to announce that because I'm indecisive and may change my mind.  Just don't be surprised if it is, ok Mom?

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