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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


For a while now, I've been planning on getting a piece of jewelry to remember Naomi by.  I don't even remember when I started thinking about it, as it's a somewhat common thing to do.  I figured after she was born, I would pick something out that included her birth stone.  Again, that's a typical way of doing things.

Over a week ago, the thought suddenly crossed my mind that anything I choose after she's been here and gone might not end up feeling so special in the long-run.  Why not buy something now that I can wear while pregnant with her, use in special photos with her, and then continue wearing with those memories attached?  I told my husband that I wanted to pick something out soon.  His response was, "Uh, can you wait a few days?"

Sorry if you feel like your surprise was ruined, my love.  Try to take it as further confirmation that you had a great idea. :)

*I've now shown the necklace to some people, and they all said they expected it to be gold based on this picture.  It's actually silver!


  1. That's so beautiful. And what an amazing husband. ;)

  2. It's only 7 AM and you already have me in tears - beautiful, just beautiful! Brian, you are amazing!

  3. That is simply stunning and just wonderful. Fondly, Ramona

  4. A treasure, in more ways than one.

  5. It's beautiful! What a precious gift that your sweetie thought to get this for you. And yes - you will treasure it so much more since you can take photos with her and the necklace together.

    You might even consider getting something similar that she could be buried with.

    Hugs sweet momma!!

  6. I think your idea to get the necklace now was a perfect idea -- and it sounds like your husband has a great mind since the thought like you!! It's beautiful.

  7. I love it! What a great idea and the necklace is just perfect.